Raise Seed Capital Seamlessly

Raising money shouldn’t be a multi-week engagement that disrupts your regular business operations. Shoobx saves you significant time and money whether you’re using a SAFE, a convertible promissory note, or going through an equity financing with institutional investors. Put capital in your pocket faster with Shoobx!

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Due Diligence

The Shoobx data room makes due diligence seamless: share documents with third parties with custom permissioning, generate diligence reports, monitor diligence activity, and watermark downloads. 


Modeling Tools

Understand the impact of your fundraising and how your future funding plans fit within the offer on the table by exploring exit and dilution scenarios with our modeling tools. You can model hypothetical future rounds and export scenarios to review with your team.



Use our workflows to manage the steps of your fundraising process, whether you're using a SAFE, note, or doing a full equity financing. We'll walk you through the necessary approvals and generate everything you need while leveraging existing company data.




Manage your closing process on Shoobx with e-signatures, status tracking, and automatic storage of finalized, executed documents in your data room with customizable permissioning. 


Ongoing Management

Next time you’re ready to raise money, your entire fundraising history is already on the platform and your capitalization table is up-to-date.

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Legal Collaboration

Your attorney will play an integral role in executing your fundraising. This event has significant legal impact on your company so Shoobx makes it easy to keep your attorney at the center of the process.


With Shoobx, I can be in a room full of excited investors and deliver final, executable documents to them right then and there. From their cell phones, they can log in and sign the bridge note. Game changer. Full stop.

Chris Comparato CEO

More Than Fundraising

At Shoobx, we’re committed to empowering startups. Your company needs fundraising tools and management, but that’s not all you need to run your business. We provide an integrated all-in-one solution for your company’s HR, equity, fundraising, and governance needs from incorporation to exit, eliminating the need for multiple solutions and making corporate activities seamless.

Let Shoobx save you time and money so that you can focus on growing your business.